• Charmaine Wesson

Terapeutico Calmar Pomada achieves amazing results overnight!

A client’s bull terrier had a lick granuloma that would not heal on the inside of his hind paw. Our client applied a popular, often prescribed, ointment onto a cotton swab and wrapped the paw with no results. After battling for well over a week our client decided to try our Terapeutico Calmar Pomada.

The client applied a generous amount of Terapeutico Calmar Pomada onto a cotton swab and wrapped the paw the evening.

The next morning when the client checked the paw she was completely blown away with the results.

Benefits: Terapeutico Calmar Pomada may be helpful with thrush in the toenails, ringworm, thrush on the groin, open wounds or cuts, blisters, allergic skin, sensitive skin, cancerous skin, lesions sores and mild burns and much more.

Terapeutico Calmar Pomada contains a probiotic, natural anti-oxidants and vitamin E. It may be beneficial for both human and pets. The results are phenomenal.


Apply Terapeutico Calmar Pomada frequently to affected areas.


50ml bottles Blend of probiotic Natural bioflavonoids (plant extracted) = vitamin C Proanthocyanidin and vitamin E

In a lanoline base

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